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Chicken & Waffle

waffle, fried chicken,

cinnamon butter,

chipotle maple syru

& green onions  15.29


Shrimp & Grits (GF)

white cheddar grits,

cajun shrimp, andouille,

egg over hard,

house-made hot sauce

& green onion  13.79


Cornmeal Pancakes (GF)

2 cornmeal pancakes, pulled pork, house blackberry jam, almonds, walnuts,

cinnamon butter, chipotle maple syrup & green onions  13.79


Chorizo Burrito

chorizo, scrambled egg, white cheddar, red onion & flour tortilla topped with sausage gravy,

 house-made hot sauce & green onion served over hash browns  13.79


served with hash browns or fresh fruit


BBQ Benedict

pulled pork, poached eggs, house hollandaise*, jalapeno corn muffin, fjc bbq sauce

& fried jalapenos  14.79


Chicken & Waffle Benedict

quartered waffle, fried chicken breast, poached eggs, house hollandaise*, chopped bacon,

chipotle maple syrup & green onion  14.79


Eggs Benedict

ham, poached eggs, arugula, house hollandaise*, english muffin & green onion  13.29


Yogurt Bowl



Country Fried Steak

fried tenderloin, sausage gravy, 2 eggs & green onion stacked on hash browns

with toast & blackberry jam  14.79

Breakfast Sanny

sausage patty, egg over hard, american cheese & blackberry jam served on english muffin

with fresh fruit or hash browns 10.79

Avo Brekkie Sandwich

avocado, bacon, egg over hard, cheddar, grilled onion & chipotle aioli on brioche with

fresh fruit or hash browns  13.59

Grandpa's Breakfast

2 eggs, hash browns & choice of bacon or sausage with toast & house blackberry jam  12.59


Fort Buster

split buttermilk biscuit,

sausage patties, 2 eggs,

sausage gravy, house-made hot sauce

& green onion served over hash browns  12.99

Chicken & Biscuit

hand-breaded chicken breast, egg over hard, sausage gravy, buttermilk biscuit, house-made hot sauce

& green onion over hash browns  14.79

Classic Biscuits & Gravy

2 split biscuits & sausage gravy served over hash browns  11.29


>with 2 eggs & bacon or sausage             

>>Add Fruit  3.99

>>>Sub Funks Pure Maple Sirup  2.00

French Toast Breakfast

2 slices custard-dipped texas toast, whipped butter, powdered sugar & maple syrup  12.99


Pancake Breakfast

2 pancakes, whipped butter, powdered sugar & maple syrup  12.59


Waffle Breakfast

buttermilk waffle, whipped butter, powdered sugar & maple syrup  12.59


with toast & house blackberry jam

Bruschetta Skillet

balsamic-marinated tomatoes, ropp farms cheese curds, 2 eggs, arugula & red onion over hash browns  13.79

Cajun Skillet

cajun shrimp, andouille, white cheddar, 2 eggs, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes & red onion over hash browns  15.79

Southwest Tofu Skillet (V)

chipotle-marinated tofu, black beans, corn, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes & red onion over hash browns with a side of house-made hot sauce  13.79


Andouille  5.29

Bacon  4.29

Cajun Shrimp  5.99

Chicken Strips  7.99

Chorizo  4.29

Sausage Links or Patties  4.29

Cinnamon Roll  5.29

Pancake  4.29          

½ French Toast  6.29

Waffle  8.29

White Cheddar Grits  4.29

Fruit Cup  3.99

Sausage Gravy  2.99  

Biscuit or Toast  2.79

Jalapeno Cornbread  4.29         

Hash Browns  4.29             

Cajun Veggies  3.99                    

Egg  1.99

House Hollandaise  1.50

Shrimp & Grits.jpg
Fort Buster.jpg

>Please inform your server of any food allergies or restrictions<             

 *Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

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